Michael is a former TV Producer / Director turned entrepreneur with a focus in healthcare. 
Practitioner's Playbook
After managing an alternative health practice for four years, Michael realized that there was a missing link between practitioner and practice success. These healing individuals go through years of health education, hands on experience and continuing health education through their lifetime. What they are not given is a formal education in business. 
When most of these individuals graduate from their respective programs, they generally enter the workforce in someone else's practice. When it comes time to open their own, though, how do they know what is right and wrong about opening a business? What's the best way to operate? How can they more fluidly run their day to maximize patient time but also maximize their time to become higher earners?
Practitioner's Playbook answers a lot of these questions by teaching practitioner's the tools to self-assess their business, how they operate it and key areas to look through to enhance the experience for both practitioners and patients. It guides practitioners through such areas as practice and patient management, business operations, marketing and branding, and general aesthetics and quality of the business. 
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